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For 2010

  1. Example Controlled Vocabularies and Thesauri available online
  2. The IPTC-NAA standards
  3. Apple Aperture 3 Metadata Issues*
  4. Keywording (using the Metalogging Method)
  5. Filenames as a Strategy to Managing Your Image Assets
  6. Using Image Databases to Organize Image Collections
  7. Creating Metadata Templates in Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3, File Browser and Bridge
  8. Image Database and Cataloging Software Applications
  9. Captioning and Keywording Guidelines
  10. Mastering "Downsampling" (to create image thumbnails)
  11. The Metalogging Method
  12. Recommendations for Limitations on Image Filenaming
  13. Captioning (using the Metalogging Method)
  14. The Controlled Vocabulary Survey regarding the Preservation of Photo Metadata by Social Media Websites
  15. How to automatically add image filenames to the IPTC Title field
  16. The Top 12 Myths about Embedded Photo Metadata*
  17. Metalogging Resources (tools for creating captions, and generating and organizing keywords)
  18. The Trouble Transporting Tribbles (or File Verification using MD5 Checksums)*
  19. Why Embedded Photo Metadata Won't help your SEO*
  20. Which One of These Is Not Like the Others? (or Using Checksums to Deduplicate Image Collections)*
*new articles added to the site in 2010

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