Controlled Vocabulary

The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog

for iView MediaPro 3, Expression Media 1 or 2, and Media Pro 1.0 or later

This subscription version of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog or CVKC, can be imported into version 3 or later of iView MediaPro / Expression Media or Phase One's Media Pro (separate iView or Expression Media, or Media Pro purchase required) using a Special Text file and saved using unicode encoding. To see how the catalog works, simply download the latest version of iView and when installed double click inside the keyword field, then click on the downward pointing arrow to see the interface shown below.

The full version 3.0 of the CVKC contains approximately 11,000 terms organized in a hierarchical structure with segregated synonyms. For detailed information on how to install the CVKC see the iView/Expression Media support page. The CVKC-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page covers other specific questions. To request a sample of the CVKC, which contains a portion of two of the more than 20 top level hierarchies available in the full version, simply send email using the address on the Contact page and indicate you'd like the iView/Expression Media/Media Pro CVKC sample.

A few of the more than 6500 lines of combined terms can be seen in these screen captures.

The Windows version looks a little different

Information on how to download your copy of the CVKC will be sent to the email address you have provided, within 24 hours or less after payment is received*. Included in that message will be a URL, along with a username and password. Please store this information in a way that you can find later as you will need it to retrieve updates.


Subscription: You can concentrate on your keywording instead of creating and maintaining a keyword catalog with a"subscription"** to the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog. You will receive periodic update notifications and be granted password protected access to the download location. All updates to the CVKC contain a file with changes noted from the previous version, in case you wish to integrate the update with your personal copy of your keyword vocabulary list within iView MediaPro, Expression Media or Media Pro.


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*Please note that we send your subscription information to the email address on file with PayPal. In addition if you choose the PayPal "eCheck Payment"this option may require up to four business days for funds to clear your account. If you wish to avoid this type of delay, make sure your PayPal account is tied to a credit card, or email in advance for alternate arrangements.

**The use of the Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog is subject to the following terms and conditions.


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